The types of men women date.

Are you dating one of these types of men?

A clueless man doesn't know what's going on around him.
A clueless man doesn’t know what’s going on around him.

Despite what women say, all men aren’t the same. Some are great, others are absolutely deplorable. Unfortunately, the deplorable ones are the basis for the “all men are the same” attitude. Rather than lump all men in the same category, we’ve broken them down into types. Some men fit into more than one type, while you might find one that fits into none. The next time you find yourself trying to put your man in a box, refer to this list to help categorize him.

Lazy Lover – He does the bare minimum when it comes to his relationship, especially in bed. During sex, he likes his woman to be on top and balks when she asks him to take a more active role. If he offers oral, he wants her to sit on his face, but he won’t roll over and put in any work.

Momma’s Boy – Constantly seeking his mom’s approval, he doesn’t do anything without consulting her. He answers her every call, even if he’s on a date with you. He might even call her to touch base during your make-out session. She tells him what to do, what to think, and even who to date. If he’s strong enough to disregard her advice, it would be a surprise.

Inattentive – Unlike the Selfish Lover he doesn’t begrudge your needs, he just doesn’t think about them. He’ll comply when you ask for something, but don’t expect to think of it on his own. His intentions are good, but don’t expect him to open your door or pull out your seat with you having to

Doting BF/Husband – The doting man makes sure your needs are handled both in and out of the bedroom. He makes sure he pleases you first in bed and he’ll get you a glass of water when you’re done. He always asks if you need anything, and he’ll go out of his way to get it for you if you do. He’s secure in your relationship so he doesn’t play games or leave you feeling insecure. He’s a keeper.

Clueless Cad – Has no idea what’s going on – with you or with your relationship. He probably doesn’t remember important dates either, so don’t expect a birthday or anniversary present unless you remind him multiple times. Like the Inattentive, he’s a jerk on purpose, he’s just thoughtless.

Selfish Lover – Does not reciprocate, and if he does it’s with much prodding, begging, pleading and demanding. He unlike the Inattentive and the Clueless Cad, he is a jerk on purpose. He couldn’t care less about your needs, and wouldn’t care if you left. It’s only when he sees you with someone else that he wants you back, and that’s just because he can’t have you. Get rid of this type immediately.

Compulsive Cheater – He will cheat on you without even thinking about it. He does it because he can’t help himself. He sees the opportunity to get in someone else’s pants and he jumps at it without regard for you. He can’t help himself. Or, maybe he can, but chooses not to. Either way, he’s better off alone because he cheats on everyone.

Perfect Gentleman – He holds open doors, pulls out your chair, pays the check, he even asks before he kisses you for the first time. He’s the man you’ve seen in movies but might have had the pleasure to meet in real life. He exists, but he’s hard to find because women have conditioned men to fear chivalry.

Chameleon –  He changes his behavior to suit the situation, including when he’s in your presence and when he’s out with his boys. Don’t be surprised if you walk up behind him and hearing saying things he’d never say in front of you. He had no real identity.

The Unicorn – He’s your dream man. He’s a myth. He does NOT exist.

There are many other types of men out there. Many of them aren’t worth mentioning, like the user (money, sex) , the abuser (drugs, alcohol, domestic), and the cruiser (secretly gay). These are the types of men you should stay away from. Giving them any attention, in writing or otherwise is too much.

Ladies, have you dated any of these types of men? How did the relationship go? Are you still together, or did you move on to another type? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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