Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame: 5 tips to hold your head high

Walk of Shame
Beautiful pretty blond woman taking the walk of shame.

If we learned anything from Game of Thrones and Cersei Lannister, it’s that the walk of shame is not always pretty or pleasant. It can be downright awful, but you can still hold your head up high. Here are few tips to get you through it.

Realize you’re not alone.

Many a girl has experienced the embarrassment of leaving a guy’s house early in the morning, still wearing last night’s outfit. The walk of shame is a right of passage. Just embrace it, and keep going.

Fix yourself up before you go.

It’s a good idea to keep a travel pack of makeup wipes and a hair brush or hair tie in your bag for times like this. If you don’t have one, hit the bathroom and rinse your face, and run a hand through your hair. At least you can look good walking out the door.

Think like a man.

Men do the walk of shame too. They might not call it by the same name, but it’s the same thing. Next time you’re sneaking out of a man’s apartment at 6 a.m., think like he would. Smile, give yourself a high-five, and stroll on out the door.

Have a preplanned exit strategy. 

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and trying to get out quietly before your one-night stand wakes up.  An exit strategy can minimize the scrambling for clothes, shoes and any other items you may have misplaced during the night.

Just don’t do it.

Sometimes, you might want to get to know the guy you thought was a one-night stand. He might have been nice. Or perhaps you had a lot in common, and actually want to date each other. Ask him out for coffee before you leave. Who knows, it could turn into something  more.

The walk of shame is rarely easy, but sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the suck. You can ease the discomfort by taking a few extra steps like having a preplanned exit, and making yourself look good before you go. Or, if you were lucky enough to hook up with someone you actually like, you might not have to take the walk of shame at all.

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