What do most people consider micro-cheating?

Micro-cheating is a new term being tossed around in the social realm and the blogosphere. It’s finally hit the mainstream, with relationship experts elaborating on what micro-cheating is, and how to know if you or your partner are doing it.

Micro-cheating Behaviors

Porn and camgirls

The debate about what constitutes cheating is never-ending, as men and women often don’t consider the same behaviors to be cheating. For example, according to Men’s Health 47 percent of women believe watching a camgirl alone is cheating, compared to 22 percent of men who feel the same way. Six percent of men believe watching porn alone is cheating while a whopping 13 percent of women feel it is.

Dining with an attractive member of the opposite sex

Having dinner with someone you’re attracted to is called a date, so it’s no wonder that 62 percent of women and 43 percent of men consider it micro-cheating. Going on a date with someone other than your SO, is not just micro-cheating. In some circles it’s considered full-blown cheating.

Having a work spouse

A work spouse is someone of the opposite sex in whole you confide at work. If you’re discussing your relationship with your significant other, seeking advice, or any other conversation, it constitutes micro-cheating. Don’t think so? 33 percent of women and 29 percent of men agree disagree.

Maintaining an online dating profile

Online dating is for single people, who are not attached, or people who are dating multiple people with no commitments. It is not for those who are in exclusive relationships. So, if you keep your dating profile on Tinder, PoF, Famers Only or any other dating site, you are micro-cheating. 83 percent of women and 68 percent of men agree that it’s not cool to have a dating profile while in a relationship.


Sex is the root word of “sexting.” So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that 94 percent of women believe it’s micro-cheating. While 75 percent of men believe it to be micro-cheating, I’m pretty sure, that if their girlfriends were sending raunchy texts to other men, the other 25 percent would have a problem as well.

Sending nudy pics

Sending erotic photos via text is the same as sexting. Emailing them may not have a pretty word, but regardless, 75 percent of men believe it’s micro-cheating than sexting.

Social media creeping

Although 15 percent of men and women consider following an ex on social media micro-cheating. The act in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. Certain factors must exist to be truly defined as micro-cheating. Such as, harboring feelings for the ex and following them on social media in hopes of rekindling a flame or secretly staying in contact with the ex – hiding it from your SO.

While some of these behaviors are less innocuous than others, there are some clear-cut behaviors that constitute micro-cheating. The best way to handle them is to set clear boundaries and expectations at the start of a new relationship. If you claim exclusivity with your significant other, both members should discuss what is and is not allowed.

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