How to Create a Killer Dating Profile

Woman surfing looking at an online dating profile.

The world of online dating is an adventure. So a killer dating profile is essential.

Your dating profile can be the difference between matching with quality people who could be your potential mate and a string of meaningless encounters, or worse, meeting people who have no business dating anyone. Ever.

Where to Make a Dating Profile

There are now hundreds of dating apps and websites to choose from.

You can create a dating profile on one or 10. But, you should build it on a website where you’ll be more likely to find the type of person you want to date. For example, if you’re looking for someone who shares your faith or religious beliefs you’d start on a site like Christian Mingle or Catholic Match.

If you decided to create multiple dating profiles, you may want to consider a general dating site like Match or eHarmony, and one that caters to the specific type match you’re looking for.

How Long Should a Dating Profile Be

Your dating profile should be long enough to describe you accurately. However, it shouldn’t be so long it’ll take hours to read.

Keep in mind the internet is full of distractions. An encyclopedia of a dating profile can be a turn-off.

If the site or app has a character or word limit, it’s a good idea to use up at least half of that. If it doesn’t, use your judgment.

Typically a few paragraphs with the most essential information will do. We’ll discuss what should go into your profile further into this post.

What Kind of Photo Should I Use

There are so many mistakes people make with their photos for their dating profiles.

The first mistake is using a photo that obscures your face. Your primary profile photo should be a clear image of your face. Preferably, one where you look approachable.

Do not use a photo of you wearing sunglasses, a hat, or a with your face hidden by a shadow or other object.

Men think it’s cool to use images where they’re scowling or look very serious. It’s not.

Women aren’t attracted to angry men. She might want to have a fling with a bad boy, but she doesn’t want to marry one. If you’re looking for a partner, keep that in mind. Use an image of you that looks pleasant.

Ladies should post a photo that looks like she’s happy. It’s tempting to use a photo of you wearing something skimpy like a minidress or a swimsuit. Don’t.

Again, you want to attract a match, not a man looking for a one-night stand or a fling. You can use these images as additional photos. But the first one they see should be the kind of photo you’d show your dad.

The best type of photo for men and women is a photo of you smiling, or laughing. It should be of your face, not your body.

What Is a Good Headline

Your dating profile’s headline should make your potential match stop and want to read more.

Lines like, “Rich Man 4 U” or “Hot and Spicy Lady Looking for Her are too suggestive, and don’t describe who you are or what you’re looking for.

A woman who’s family-oriented and looking for a partner with the same mindset might think about a headline like, “Family-Oriented Lady Seeking a Family Man.”

A man who likes to travel might create a headline like, “Jet-Setter Seeking a Travel Partner.”

Think about the message you want to send and who you want to respond. Come up with a few headlines and run them by your friends, or ask them for help coming up with ideas.

What Should I Write in My Profile

It should contain honest information about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and such. Don’t fill your profile with shallow information like what kind of car you drive, how much money you make or if you have a vacation house in Aspen.

You want a potential match to like you for your personality, not for your material possessions.

Treat your profile like a resume for attracting the type of person you want to spend time with. Include things like a proudest moment, a favorite pet, and a future goal.

You don’t have to tell your life story, but a little bit of background is helpful. A historical event in your life, like the time you rescued a puppy stuck in the snow, or when you changed your first tire, can be endearing to someone who only sees your photo.

Be genuine, and avoid lying in your profile. If you’re not interested in romantic comedies, don’t say you enjoy spending nights in watching Nora Ephron movies.

Don’t include things you think the person you’re trying attract wants to hear.

Make an Impression But Don’t Brag

If you have major accomplishments and successes, mention them, but don’t brag.

It’s one thing to say you built a Fortune 1000 company from scratch, and another to say you single-handedly turned a lemonade stand into a multi-million dollar business that sold to one of the world’s wealthiest conglomerates.

Bragadociousness is gross. A small humble brag is acceptable.

Your dating profile is can be an inviting piece of literature, or a boring textbook of facts and figures. Whatever you decide to make it, just remember to keep it real, and be yourself.

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