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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

A couple engaging in a kiss for Valentine's Day.
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Homemade Valentine Box

A Valentine’s Day box is your chance to introduce your guy to he’s wanted to try but has been too shy to ask for. Or what you’ve been too shy to ask for or do.

Get a medium-sized box, or a large one if you’ll be including something like a Liberator wedge or other piece of sex furniture.

Gather all the things you’ve been wanting to try in and arrange it in the box. Some ideas, if you’re stumped include:

  • Sensory items, i.e. Whartenburg wheel, feathers, clamps
  • Blindfold
  • Cuffs or restraints
  • Sex Swing
  • Vibrator(s)
  • Anal Plug (s)
  • Dildo(s)


What man doesn’t love lingerie. And, what better occasion to give it to him than Valentine’s Day? The best part is to the confused look on his face when he pulls it out of the box or the gift bag and holds it up against himself.

When you tell him he can peel it off you later, it should clear up any confusion.

Select something he’s that will shock and awe him. If you usually go for lace, change it up with something latex or leather (real or faux). If satin and silk feel good on the skin and are clingy in all the right places.

Or, if you know he has a preference you can stick to that. Odds are, it may not matter what it is; it’ll end up on the floor anyway.

Couple’s Toy

As a day for lovers to celebrate their romance, Valentine’s Day is a great day to elevate your orgasmic energy

A couple’s vibrator can be a nice addition to your bedroom repertoire. The dual stimulation will have you both experiencing new sensations.

It’s a great way to introduce a toy if your guy is standoffish about or intimidated by a vibrator.

Favorite Homemade Meal or Takeout

Nothin says I love you like the time and effort takes to prepare an elaborate dinner.

Learn to make his favorite homemade meal. Is his mom’s secret recipe? Beg, plead and bribe her for it if you have to.

You can construct an intimate dining experience complete with candles and champagne. Some romantic music and an indulgent dessert can complete the experience.

Tickets to a Game

You can’t go wrong with tickets to his favorite sporting event. Even if you can’t get front row seats, the time you took to procure the tickets says it al. Especially if you hate this particular sport.

If you can get tickets for his favorite team, even better.

Football season is over, but you can baseball tickets, basketball tickets and even hockey tickets.

Even if he doesn’t like a sport, it’s a good excuse to get out, meet new people and drink beer.

Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day

Even if none of these ideas work for you, you can still have a great Valentine’s Day. Pack a picnic and enjoy it on the floor in front of the tv.

Create a romantic getaway at home with a couple’s bubble bath and rose petals on the bed. Or make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and eat them on the couch.

Do whatever you enjoy as a couple. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, as long as you’re spending time together.

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